Too Many Documents Not Enough Time.

Receiving Lots of Documents via Email? Santiago to the Rescue.

Santiago is an email attachment downloader, it sorts and processes documents received via email.

Want to understand all the different documents a business receives? Here is a useful list and definitions of different types of documents a business receives.

Santiago Email Attachment Downloader

Does your business receive lots of documents each day? One of our customers of Santiago receives up to a thousand documents an hour. AN HOUR! Before they were using Santiago they were having to manually download each attachment, and upload it into their business applications to be processed. This took time and effort, then they discovered Santiago. When they first took a copy of Santiago it was only in its Beta stage. Now we are re-releasing it. Our C2S development team have been hard at work creating a harder, better, faster, stronger version.

Magic Matt as he is known around the office, has been slaving away creating something truly awesome. However, we now need to spread the word about the awesome improvements and innovations we have made.

If your business is receiving thousands of documents an hour, isn’t a waste of your staffs time to be manually downloading and processing each email attachment. Our solution has completely changed this process. You and your staff are no longer wasting time download attachments manually, they can be processing them straight away and dealing with more important issues. Save your business time and money. Get in contact about using Santiago.

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