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An annual subscription – Enterprise Edition

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Santiago Email – Enterprise+ Edition

Santiago is a a Windows service tool for the automation of email attachment downloading.

This program runs as a Windows service and can be installed on a Windows server or Windows PC and will silently connect to your IMAP or POP and Exchange email accounts, downloading the attachments you need, placing them in the folder of your choice, with a naming convention that suits. You can even auto-file them in SharePoint or FileDirector

This program has been written for business and organisations which receive lots of inbound emails and attachments. The attachments are often a call to action and need processing – invoices, sales orders, complaints, contracts. This is a tool for a digital mailroom or accounts payable team, written by a company that understands processes.



The program comes in a TRIAL Version that is restricted to 100 email attachments. This version is free and comes without support.

The Lite Version is restricted to 1000 email attachments per year – every year.

The SMB Version is restricted to 6000 email attachments per year – every year

The Enterprise Edition is designed for organisations which need 15000 attachments a year as well as SLA support. The version is licensed annually

Finally we have the Enterprise+ Edition This is for users who have a significant need – with unlimited processing. We have clients who’s business would fail if this modest tool stopped working. With this edition you almost have a one to one relationship with the development team who will understand your needs and ensure they have a solution that meets your requirements.


Support & Software Assurance

We are an organisation used to supporting customers. You can check our what we do here. All of the software we sell and provide comes with support and software assurance. Support means we can remote onto your PC or server and attend to any issues. Software Assurance means you are always entitled to use the latest version of the software and which may include new features or new performance improvements. With one of the 3 editions that come with support, you know you can access our team, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm GMT / BST.

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