Creating a Process Option

Click the + icon as shown below to create a Process option.

Process option

These Process options are designed for the Attachment you have chosen to extract.

The choices you have are:

  • Strip PDF protection – if the PDF is read only, we will remove this protection so an OCR program can read it
  • Convert PDF to Tiff – If filing in a document management system, it might handle Tiff better than PDF
  • Convert Document¬†to Tiff – Convert a Word / RFT document to Tiff
  • Convert Excel to Tiff – Render up an Excel spreadsheet as a Tiff
  • Convert HTML to PDF – Take the body of an email you have extracted and convert to PDF
  • Convert Text to PDF – Take a text based email and render as PDF
  • Convert Document to PDF – Take a Word / RTF and convert to PDF

Did you know Tiff is the purest form of an image file. Supposedly, you can recreate an image in Notepad because a Tiff is a tagged image file. Every pixel is mapped. That’s why Tiff is used most commonly in document imaging.

You don’t need to run a Process but you have the option if you do. ¬†Now you have processed your attachment or rendered HTML, you need to export it. Read the next article on this.