Creating Email Rules

This next section is about creating a rule for the type of emails you wish to process. As an example, for our accounts emails we want to get all of the emails that have the following critera:

Subject contains – Invoice, Statement, Remittance, Bill, Re: Your Purchase Order

Before we even start looking for attachments, we want to make sure we are only bothering with the emails that are likely to have the attachments we want. Also we might want to render the body of an email as a PDF so we need to find those emails.

We can have two types of rules – Include & Exclude. You can create a rule by clicking the plus as shown below

rules for emails

Now let’s create a rule for the above criteria by clicking + on the Include rules

include rules shown

Now we will be polling the Inbox on a schedule, looking for emails with the above criteria. What we do with these emails will now be set in the next tab under Process.