Create an Email Extractor

Once the emails have been filtered, you can set an extractor. This could be:

  • Attachment
  • Text Body
  • HTML Body

Typically you will want to filter on the types of Email you want and then set to remove the attachments

Start off by clicking + where shown and choosing Extractor

extractor attachment

This will then bring up the next dialogue box – click the settings icon where shown

extractor all ready to go

In the example below, I will extract all attachments but Exclude any with the words “Terms” in the filename

exclude terms

You will see there are a number of filters you can choose and remember you have already set filters on the types of emails so these filters could be targetted at the attachment more.

Click Save when you are happy with your settings.

You will now see have you gave two further settings to make – Process & Export. Read the relevant Help guide on these.