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Santiago’s function is download bulk email attachments. It can then send them directly to other business software, such as FileDirector. We created it as a solution for business’s who receive lots of documents via email, which needs to be processed.

Have you ever wished that there was software clever enough to do the jobs which are so mundane you don’t have to? Well there is,and it can help double your productivity. This allows you to focus on the things which you deem are more important to your business. Such as where your company rank’s on google.

There are companies who focus on designing and development of business software, and there are also companies who work out what that software can be used for. Once they have worked out what it can be used for they can then and adapt it to meet each individual businesses needs.

You are now wondering what this has to do with Santiago. Our team have created both Santiago and solutions it can be used for.

Santiago is part of an integrated Digital Mailroom Solution created by C2S, who are integrated business solutions specialists. They have created other solutions such as automated accounts payable solutions. Santiago is the second piece of software C2S have developed by their own team.You can read more about the development team here.

Our belief is that in the modern business, we should try to be as efficient as possible with our resources. Having valuable time taken up by such a mundane task of downloading emails. And then having to import each individual attachment to a piece of software seems antiquated.

Why carry on with a problem you have when there’s a solution available? Take a look at the C2S website and our other integrated product for more information.

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