About Santiago – The Email Handling Tool Like No Other


email attachment office Who uses Santiago?

Santiago is an email automation tool. An attachment tool to save an organisation time and effort. It can be used by many different types of organisations and business including:

  • Accounts payable – automatically download emailed invoices and emailed statements
  • Sales Order Processing – download sales orders attachments and purchase orders
  • Customer Services – download email complaints, emailed actions, requests in emails etc
  • Legal companies – assist and feed your digital mailroom with documents emailed every hour
  • Accounts Receivable – autofile your customer remittance advices sent in by email
  • Housing Departments – auto-file applications and references your tenants email to you


email attachment cogs How does Santiago Email work then?

Santiago installs onto a PC or server and runs as a Windows service. It silently polls any email account using IMAP / POP or a direct Exchange integration, looking for matching emails. Using our advanced filtering, you can set to only download specific emails and their attachments. As an example the Subject line includes the word “Invoice” and the attachment filename doesn;t have the word “Terms & Conditions”.

You can then select various rules and sub profiles to extract attachments, convert the body of the email to PDF and to convert any attachments like Word or Excel to Tiff or PDF

You can daisy chain the actions you need and have full control over where your attachments or converted documents should go and the naming convention of them. As an example, you can filter for emails with the word “Sales Order” in the body, download any PDF attachments and then file them into a Sharepoint Library with the columns in Sharepoint populated with the meta data you have available to you – from domain, date, subject, email address, etc


email attachment code Who developed the Santiago Email Program?

We are C2S – Click2Scan Ltd. Our main web site is www.c2s.co.uk.

We have been in business since 2007 and have clients across the world, but mainly in the UK. We write software and integrate customers’ systems with our digital mailroom tools so emails and attachments are our business. If you buy a paid for version of Santiago, you can trust us to provide you with a tool that works and is designed to undertake the task you need.

Our largest Santiago client at present is a travel agency who receives 1000 attachments per hour (mainly PDF and JPG). Can you imagine somebody manually detaching those manually? Would you trust that much work to an unsupported email application? Our tool does the job it’s designed to do so whether you are a small organisation or a large enterprise our tool is for you.