Yes. This is a generic connector and Santiago connects easily on IMAP ports.
Yes. We have a connector for Office 365.
Yes. Santiago works well with the Google connector
Santiago works with POP and iMAP so provided you have either of these protocols enabled it should connect quite easily.
Yes. We have tested connectivity for this.
Yes. We have tested connectivity with this
Yes. If you want to pay annually we can offer a 10% discount. Just contact us and ask.


How it works

First of all we connect to an email account and then pull down the relevant emails as .eml files. These .eml files are then interrogated - we may want to extract attachments, we may want to render the emails as a PDF. The attachments can then be converted or manipulated before being passed over to the location of choice - folder, sharepoint, FileDirector
You can filter on pretty much anything. The subject, the date, the contents of the body. You can also filter in the attachment type and the attachment filename. The filtering is the key feature of this software
You can install the program on a Windows PC or Windows server. You can then create a schedule and have it run silently in ther background.
You need to start off with a free trial or buy a license straight away. Once you receive your license key and you are activated you will have an email allowance. This will be an annual allowance.
The program stops, You can always upgrade to the next level at any time