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Please feel free to Download the FREE version of our Mail Attachment Downloader tool which is limited to 100 attachments.


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Santiago is a great choice for any organisation that receives alot of inbound email and attachments. Perhaps you have staff that are handling those emails and any attachment as a call to action. Perhaps our tool can automate this for you and enable cost savings as staff can do more effective tasks. Santiago runs quietly as a Windows service tool on a PC or server and monitors your email accounts. You can apply filters to only get the emails or the attachments you need. You can convert the body of an email to PDF and you can make read-only PDF’s editable. All from one tool.

Our Mail attachment downloader can monitor multiple accounts and has the ability to:

  • Improve filing of invoices in the accounts department
  • Get central orders into the sales team
  • Get correspondence to the right fee-earners in a law firm
    • The main difference Santiago has over say an Outlook mail tool is that you can monitor your central entry points like accounts@ or sales@ rather than allowing critical information to be emailed to individuals


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