Email Attachment Downloader


A Windows server tool to schedule, filter, transform & process your email attachment downloader into line of business applications

  • Download attachments and emails on a schedule
  • Filter to take or leave the attachments you need
  • Convert or decrypt attachments
  • Auto-file attachments into SharePoint
  • Works with IMAP, Office 365, Exchange & Gmail

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Powerful Filters mean you only process the attachments or emails you need


santiago email attachment
  • Filter on emails first – subject, sender, date.
  • Then filter on attachments – type, file-name.
  • Create as many rules as you need.
  • Daisy-chain rules together.
  • Visual feedback of your rules so you get it right.
  • Simple UI to give you a great UX.

Export to SharePoint, FileDirector & Folders


  • Create export profiles
  • Export to Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Export to FileDirector eDMS
  • Export to Folders
  • Export to multiple outputs at once
santiago email connections

Create connection profiles


  • Connect to your email accounts using iMAP
  • Support for Office 365
  • Support for Exchange – most versions
  • Connect to GMAIL & Google Apps
  • Monitor and process multiple email accounts

Convert documents as well


  • Make read-only PDF’s editable
  • Convert PDF to Tiff
  • Convert Word / Excel to PDF or Tif
  • Rename files using meta data
  • Find values inside a document

Why use Santiago ?

We have written this email attachment downloader from the ground up after recognising so many of our clients had no way of getting incoming email and attachments into business applications. In the business world, emails are a call to action. Especially those with email attachments. These email attachments could be orders or invoices, or tender requests. They need to be processed and filed-away. For those oganisations that receive a lot of incoming email attachments, Downloader is the tool for you. It will save you hours of manual processing and filing. It can also assist with hands-free processing like accounts payable automation.


Santiago runs as a Windows service or scheduled task and monitor your email accounts and act when new emails match the set criteria. Attachments can be extracted and moved to the chosen export destination

Attachments can also be processed and transformed. PDF’s can be made readable or renamed. Emails can be rendered up as PDF’s. Whatever you need, you will find a price point that suits and a program that can handle the most demanding of situations.

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